May 142011

I made a ton of progress on the demo reel today; I should easily have everything online and ready to go in less than a week. The pixel art is incredibly time-consuming, but not nearly to the same level as the music. I’ve been composing everything in Famitracker, an NES soundchip emulator, which is a fantastic tracker but like any other tracker it basically looks like you’re composing in hexadecimal on a Commodore 64. Building music this way really gives you an insight as to why NES-era music and SFX sounded the way they did.

Next up: actually cutting the stupid reel. Then some more work in Flash. Never thought I would have to look at Actionscript ever again.

May 122011

I’m starting up this blog to document all of the garbage I deal with as a 3D technical director, both for my own benefit and for other TDs who are running into the same problems I encounter. Hopefully it will all be of use to someone.