controlling textures with a rig

There are plenty of situations in motion graphics where you have tons of repeating elements. Designers love that kind of thing. You'll also often be expected to make slight variations of these repeating elements... like a bunch of dots or squares or something that have slightly different textures to them, but are essentially the same thing. You could make a unique shader or a separate referenced asset for each one of these variations, if, say, you really hated yourself. Instead you could build the texture swap right into a rig, so the animator or designer or whoever could just pick a color or a texture for each object while animating the scene. This makes it way easier to direct, and you can just reference the same object over and over again instead of making multiple assets. I was just showing somebody how to do this the other day and figured it'd be a good thing to post about. Here's how the setup works... (more…)

By toadstorm, ago