Hi there. I’m a freelance 3D technical director living in Los Angeles. I started as a generalist, doing a lot of rigging and character animation, and finally settled into the lighting and rendering specialty. Most of my work is in motion graphics, which means working in small teams with tight deadlines and little to no pipeline. After years of staying up late cleaning up broken assets and scenes in order to get them to render, I started automating a lot of these processes through MEL and later Python. I decided to start this blog to document all of the numerous ways in which Maya can break, how I’ve fixed these problems, and how these fixes can be automated to make your (and my) life easier.

I hope that the information and scripts I post here will be useful for other technical directors that are tearing their hair out over Maya’s idiosyncrasies. I love Maya but it’s barely usable in production without a lot of custom scripting, and that’s where people like us come in. Let me know if anything here has been useful!