This page is to hold all of the MEL and Python scripts I post in one place. I’ll keep adding more as I write them. To save any script, right-click > Save As. Converts Nuke Gizmos to Groups in the scene, to make scenes more portable. More info about it here. Bakes Maya’s Scene Time Warp to selected objects, then removes the time warp. Good for when you need to bake animation and export it, but to a scene that does not have the same time warp applied. More info about it here. Renames objects that have the same name within a Maya scene. This is useful when you duplicate or import a group repeatedly and need the child nodes to all have unique names (almost always necessary if you’re going to use any custom scripts in that scene). More info about it here. Bakes and exports point caches and transform animation to Max-ready FBX format. Really stupidly easy to use in most cases. This is an updated Python script based on an older, less-functional MEL script I wrote, from this post.

hfTechShader.mel: Creates a “tech” shader for rendering three common passes at once, without using actual passes. Uses mental ray to give you a depth channel in R, ambient occlusion in G, and incidence angle in B. More info about this script in this post. Finds objects with multiple shading connections, splits objects into shells based on assigned materials, and cleans up component shading connections. More info about this script in this post. Copies channels from one object and pastes them later to any selected object(s). Can paste from one copy of Maya to another. Requires that you have permission to write to the C: drive on a PC, or /Users/Shared/ on a Mac. I know the Windows part is lazy, it’s easy enough to change if you want to rewrite it for your system. More info in this post.